Getting started

    New Features and New Data added to has been greatly expanded in the past year, to include whaling data from more countries, links to scanned documents online, and a new global search.

    The Data Viewer Interface

    Each database has a data viewer—a tabular display window to interact with the data—and all of the data viewers share a common set of features.

    Finding a person

    There are at least five different ways a person might appear in the American whaling voyages data: as a whaling master, a crew member, a master's wife, an agent, or by having a whaling vessel named after him or her.

    Finding a whaling vessel

    To find a whaling vessel, begin by searching its name in the Voyage or Vessel column in the Voyages database. If you do not know its name, search by whatever information you have.

    Working with the Voyages database

    The American Offshore Whaling Voyages database uses the same interactive viewer as the other databases. Start with: The Data Interface.  Then come back here for tips and techniques for exploring the Voyages data.