Getting started

Just search If you're not sure where to begin, use the Search box in the banner at the top of any page. Enter a person's name, a vessel name, or any other words of interest and click the 'magnifying glass' icon. This site Search function knows about all of the databases and all of the web pages on the Whaling History website. It will return any results it finds from each one in a separate tab.
Learn about Whaling is a repository for data about whaling. For a general overview of whaling and whaling history, here are some resources to start your exploration. Each of them takes a different approach: a narrative, a collection of artifacts and maps, a timeline, a collection of topics, a work of literature.
The Data Viewer Interface When the the main site search is not specific or flexible enough for your needs, use the data viewers. Each database has its own data viewer—a tabular display window to interact with the data—and all of the data viewers share a common set of features.