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Mystic Seaport Museum

New Bedford Whaling Museum

National Maritime Digital Library

The Digital Library’s mission is to collect, preserve and make accessible maritime resources in electronic format, thereby promoting maritime cultural heritage scholarship.

Tools for Logbook Readers

  • A calculator that takes entry dates in the form “Sunday, July 4” plus the starting year of the logbook, and returns the next year where July 4th is a Sunday. No more flipping through pages trying to figure out what year it is.
  • A map that plots positions. Give it a latitude and a longitude, and see that location on a map. Add as many positions as you would like to the map.
  • Search tools to look up place names and see them on a map. Searchable indexes to 3,300 places from the 1861 edition of Bowditch’s New American Practical Navigator, and to all the place names used in the American Offshore Whaling Logbook database. Links to the World Historical Gazetteer and the Getty Thesaurus of Geographical Names, both searchable, and to additional place resources on the British Southern Whale Fishery website.

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Lindsay MacFarland Alexander

CLIP—The Crew List Index Project

CLIP is a not-for-profit volunteer project, set up to assist research into the records of British merchant seafarers of the late 19th and early 20th century.

Maritime History Archive at the Memorial University in Newfoundland

Crew lists and logbooks for voyages of British registered vessels terminating in the years 1857-1942 can be searched here.

Falkland Islands Government Archives