Townsend Column Definitions

VoyageIDVoyage Identification Number
LatDecimal latitude
LatTypeL = Logbook; I = Interpolated or from gazeteer; blank = None
LonDecimal longitude
LonTypeL = Logbook; I = Interpolated or from gazeteer; blank = None
DayDay of Year
MonthMonth of Year
SpeciesNameCommon name of cetaceans encounered; blank = none reported.
Number_WhalesNumber of whales reported
Vessel1Name of first vessel sharing product
Vessel2Name of second vessel sharing product
OceanName of Ocean
BasinName of Ocean Basin
DegLatDegrees of latitude from logbook
MinLatMinutes of latitude from logbook
NSLatitudinal hemisphere: N = North, S = South
DegLongDegrees of longitude from logbook
MinLongMinutes of longitude from logbook
EWLongitude hemisphere: E = East, W = West
PositionTypeText description for position information
WordingLogbook text about observation
RemarksComments by data extractor