Please join us in telling the stories of Whaling History.

  • Explore the voyage data. Each database has a data viewer that enables you to interact with the data, search for people, vessels and voyages of interest, and then print, copy, or export what you’ve found.
  • Use our data. Most of the databases are available as downloads for use with other tools and systems.
  • Submit corrections. The databases will be updated annually. Suggested additions and corrections are welcome.
  • Contribute your data. We are actively interested in incorporating additional whaling history data sets. Please contact us.
  • Link your artifacts. In the next phase of this project, museums, libraries and other institutions will be able to link objects in their collections to our databases, enriching their catalogs and connecting them to related objects elsewhere.
  • Add your whaling history project to the Gallery. If you have used Whaling History data in a project, we would be interested in featuring your project in our Gallery. Please contact us.