American Offshore Whaling Voyages : Column Definitions & Code Tables

LabelDescriptionDatabase column name
Voyage IDVoyage identifiervoyageID
OrderSequence number used to sort when there are multiple records for a single voyage. See Master's fate column and the fate table.voyageRank
VoyageVoyage name, includes name of vessel and beginning and ending dates followed by the return code, if any, in parenthesesvoyageName
PortHailing portport
Sailing FromsailingFrom
GroundThe intended whaling grounds for the voyageground
Year OutYear vessel departed on voyageyearOut
Day OutMonth and day vessel departed on voyagedayOut
Year InYear vessel returned from voyageyearIn
Day InMonth and day vessel returned from voyagedayIn
Return codeCode indicating the fate of the vessel. See return code table and Vessel end column.returnCode
AgentIDAgent identifieragentID
BoneQuantity of whalebone or baleen returned, in poundsbone
SpermQuantity of sperm oil returned, in barrelssperm
OilQuantity of whale oil returned, in barrelsoil
Customs DistrictCustoms districtcustomsDistrict
Logbook atCode(s) for repositories holding copies of voyage log bookslogbookExists
MapVoyage map data exists in the AOWL databaseaowlLink
Crew ListCrew list data exists in the Crew List databasecrewListLink
SourceSource numbers in the Sources tablesource
MasterIDMaster IdentifiermasterID
MasterName of master, last name then firstmaster
Master's fateCode indicating the fate of the master. See fate table.fate
ResidenceMaster's town of residenceresidence
BirthMaster's date of birthbirth
Birth LocationMaster's birth locationbirthLocation
DeathMaster's date of deathdeath
Death LocationMaster's death locationdeathLocation
WifeNames of master's wives. If more than one, entries are separated by 'pipe' characters (" | ").wife
Wife to SeaContains a digit if master's wife sailed on the voyage, "1" for the first Wife entry, "2" for the second.wifeToSea
Wife 2No longer usedwife2
Wife 2 to SeaNo longer usedwife2ToSea
Vital Records SourceNumbers in the Sources table for sources of information about the mastervitalRecordsSource
Later OccupationMaster's occupation after whalinglaterOccupation
VesselIDVessel identifiervesselID
VesselVessel namevessel
RigVessel's rig on this voyage. See rig table.rig
TonnageOne or more values recorded for the tonnage of the vessel over its lifetimetonnage
Place builtPlace vessel was builtbuiltPlace
Date builtDate vessel was builtbuiltDate
Vessel endNote about the final disposition of the vesselend
D. Wood AbstractReferences to entries in Dennis Wood Abstracts of Whaling Voyages. Format is: volume-pagedennisWood
LogbookA link to a scan of a logbook existslogbookScan