Consolidated Logbook Data : Column Definitions

Voyage IDVoyage Identification Number, linking to AOWV data.
LatDecimal latitude
LonDecimal longitude
DayDay of Year
MonthNumerical Month of Year
EncounterCetacean Encounters:
“NoEnc” = None Reported
“Sight” = 1 or more cetaceans sighted
“Strike” = 1 or more cetaceans struck
SpeciesCommon name of cetaceans encountered; blank when no cetaceans reported. Values: Sperm, Bowhead, Right, Humpback, Whale, Finback, Gray, Pilot, Grampus, Blue, Killer, Dolphin
StruckNumber of cetaceans struck (harpooned); blank when no cetaceans reported.
TriedNumber of cetaceans processed; blank when no cetaceans reported.
PlaceGeographical name of location when reported; blank when no name reported.
SourceSource of data: