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    Oil & Bone: American Ports in the Golden Age of Yankee Whaling

    This interactive map uses AOWV data to illustrate the economic impact of whale products returned to America’s port cities from 1804 to 1876. Data visualizations and contextual narratives combine to tell the story of the industry’s ebbs and flows.

    Spatial and Seasonal Distribution of American Whaling and Whales in the Age of Sail

    This map showing the spatial distribution of American Whaling and Whales in the 17th to 19th century was created using the AOWL data.

    Townsend’s Whaling Charts

    From Townsend CH (1935) The distribution of certain whales as shown by logbook records of American whaleships. 19. Zoologica (NY): : 1–50+6 Charts. For a dataset that corresponds in part to these charts, visit Townsend’s Logbook Data → For more information and chart scans, visit WCS Canada →

    Honolulu, Nov 2nd 1859

    When my older brother died last month, his widow sent me a box of family papers, much of which I was totally ignorant of. Among them was a letter dated Nov 2nd 1859, from Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.